Zuperman Zarro

A.K.A. The Z-Man

Hello, I’m Zarro, but you can call me Z-man if you want. I’m part Malamute and part Siberian Husky, gentle as a teddy bear, and love to stand on my hind legs to give hugs. But don’t tell the supervillains, because they know me as the great and powerful crimefighter, Zuperman!

My masked markings and icy blue eyes might give you a clue about my superpower, look me in the eye and I can read your mind.

I’m fast and like to run far on my adventures. I’ve got the endurance of a true WooFPak Hero!

Follow my adventures on Instagram, and if you want to hear a little more about me there have been a few songs written about me. Can you believe it?

I’m ready for my close up dad! #Dogpoweredgocart

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