Pretty Little Princess

Not All Girls Are Princesses,


Hi! I’m Princess, but don’t let the name fool you. I am as tough, if not tougher, as the rest of the WooFPak Heroes.

I’m as strong as I am sweet, but you have to earn my respect if you think I’m going to listen to you. I like to frolic, romp, and play in the mud with the boys in the WooFPAK and I tell you what, my energy level and intensity could light the soles of your feet on fire.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t also like to look pretty. I like spa day as much as the next gal. This double coat doesn’t look this beautiful on its own!

My superpower is mind-control! But shhhh…I like to keep that under wraps.

Make sure to friend me on Instagram! And perk up your ears to hear the songs written about me below.

Pretty Princess & Zarro….look at her focus and intensity!

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