What Makes a WoofPAK Hero?

All dogs have superpowers!


Dogs can see well at night. This is good because villains like to hide under the cover of darkness.


Your dog’s sense of smell is MILLIONS of times better than a human’s sense of smell! They were born to sniff. What better tool for sniffing out a crime? 


Have you ever seen a dog perk up their ears? A dog can hear FOUR TIMES the distance of a human. Perfect for listening out for villains!


This might sound like a funny one to add because dogs don’t taste things as well as humans do, but some might think this is an advantage–especially when it comes to eating foods you don’t like!


Dogs are the best at snuggling. And that’s a pretty awesome superpower. Leave it to your furry friend to make you feel better when you’re down.


Some dogs can run super duper fast! Zoom! 


Dogs can be very smart. Which is really important when solving crimes!